Posted by Tupeak_Hope on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Welcome to Tupeak Hope! Regardless of how you found us, we are very glad you are here! While the site is still being constructed, data entered, configured, and posted, we hope you will find something of use each and every time you visit.

At the moment there are no forums, but you are welcome, neh encouraged, to reply to posts and share your opinions, experiences and thoughts. However, we must ask that you keep it clean, constructive, civil, and respectful. Remember, while we may know what our own challenges may feel like to us, everyone is different. We all have things going on in our lives that others may not know, care to know, or understand. Therefore we reserve the right to remove posts, close a discussion, etc. if things are spiraling out of control. It’s really simple guys and gals. Be nice, don’t judge, and remember human beings have feelings.

Sometimes it can be difficult to convey in mere black and white letters on a page or in a mobile phone message exactly what you meant to say and things get innocently misinterpreted. This is because we cannot convey our tone of voice, inflection, facial expressions, or other body language that all serve to further express how we feel about what we are speaking to someone about. Please keep this in mind when you reply to a post or a comment on a post. We are all adults, so let’s treat each other as such!

On a brighter note, PLEASE check back often! After years of planning and things always getting in the way of my plans to make this a reality and start this site and blog regularly to share stories (both mine and others) with the hope that someone can find comfort in knowing they are not alone, or maybe even motivation to power through that seemingly horrific challenge they are facing.

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