Keep Fighting!

Credit: Keep The Plug In The Jug – Facebook

We are all fighters, but even the best and strongest of us can and will have times where we may feel as if we are fighting a battle we simply can’t win, and this can lead to feelings of hopelessness. Feeling like this doesn’t make us weak. It doesn’t mean we want to give up, or that we wish to die, or as some healthcare practitioners may incorrectly decide that we are suicidal. This is furthest from the truth! We aren’t giving up, we are simply having a more challenging day than usual. What these feelings do mean is that we are all human and as such are perfectly entitled to feel this way from time to time.
We must all find what works for us as an individual to get through these types of days while still in one piece physically, mentally, and emotionally and all three aspects can and do affect each other and can create a vicious downward spiral if ignored. Reach out and talk to someone. Write a journal. Listen to music. Go for a walk. Meditate. Scream. Diaphragmatic Breathing.
Find what works for you and do it. Practice it even on good days so that it becomes second nature when things start building up for you. By doing so when you feel a shift towards this type of day you have an arsenal of techniques with which to try to mitigate the effects of fighting chronic illness on a constant basis. Even the strongest of us aren’t immune to, as I call it, “being sick and tired of being sick and tired”.
What do you do to cope? What’s your go-to strategy for coping on a rough day? Please share in the comments below so that maybe someone else who reads this can benefit by learning a new coping strategy. Please take a few seconds to share how you cope, and maybe, with just a bit of caring and compassion by sharing what works for us, we can help even one person avoid feeling hopeless. I found this image on “Keep The Plug In The Jug” Facebook page (you can go there by clicking the photo credit). While their original post was specifically addressing the issue of drug and alcohol abuse, I find it extremely fitting to any of us that battle chronic health issues or even those that care for us such as a spouse or significant other.
I’ve heard the phrase “just take it one day at a time” too many times over the past few decades. However when you don’t think you can get through the next hour, for example, thinking of making it through a whole day when you feel like this can seem insurmountable. I recommend breaking it down even further into the smallest chunk of time that makes it seem manageable for you at the time. It may be making it through your 8 hour work day. It could be just making it to lunchtime. It’s even okay if you break it down to 30, 20 or even 10 minutes. If it works for you I don’t care if you break it down into seconds. Just find what works for you and practice it so when you need the coping mechanisms they are already ingrained in your brain.
I’ll even go first: Besides trying to do some deep breathing exercises or even a mini-meditation of even 3 minutes to clear my head, music has always been my go-to for stress relief. I have several playlists to chose from specifically to pick me up on a rough day. One is even called “Mental Health”. If I combine relaxation techniques with a song or two from this playlist I can often ground myself quickly, reducing stress and pain at the same time.
Your turn to tell us what works for you!  Let’s stick together and help each other!  I look forward to hearing what works for you!

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