F is for Keep Fighting! #AtoZChallenge

F is for Keep Fighting!     #AtoZChallenge

When facing a chronic health issue it is easy to lose the determination to fight at times. Many of us display great fortitude when fighting chronic illness. We don’t necessarily do this because we are any better than anyone else. We do this because this is all we know. We keep fighting for the next potential treatment, or if we are truly lucky a cure. We often fight one day, week, or month at a time, just trying to make it until the we make it through, or are faced with another challenge in addition to the one we already had.

Many people who battle chronic illness are faced with more than one diagnosis, or even side effects of the treatments aimed at improving our quality of life. Occasionally even the most steadfast warriors experience a rough day. During such a day it is not unlikely that they will question the quality of their life. Keeping it in perspective it is often a matter of making sure the positive aspects of their life outweighs the negative.

It is during these times that even the strongest of us can find that we wonder if it is worth the fight. Wondering if it is worth it is not a sign of weakness. In reality, the strongest among us will eventually have a bad day or period of time in which we can’t help but wonder. It is what we do when we experience these difficult times that determine both how we react and how we will come through the tough times. Realizing that tough times happen even to healthy people, should help to keep things in perspective.

The defining moment for us is not how we battle daily life, but how we face the challenges in our low points. By focusing on the positive and realizing that the low points are temporary you can get through almost anything.

What do you do to get through the extremely challenging times in your life?  Share your story with us below, and most importantly, keep fighting!

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  1. This touched home for me. True for not only the physical monsters we first think of when we hear “chronic health condition”, but also very much true for mental health issues. My theme this year is running along the same lines as yours, but with mental health: how self-development and conquering anxiety and depression can make you a better creator. F is for Failure
    Best of luck with the A to Z, and thank you for what you are doing to keep peope motivated and moving forward! The world needs more of that!

    1. I am very glad to hear that this reached you and was able to touch you. Many people do not realize that mental health issues very frequently accompany chronic health issues in the aspect of depression, grief, sense of loss, and yes even suicide. Regardless of how much we fight, it is impossible to totally vanquish the demons of depression and negativity whether as it relates to chronic illness or even mental illness alone. I applaud you for your focus for the A to Z Challenge, and wish you the best!

  2. Side effects of drugs that fail to improve and instead make it worse… blargh, been there.

    I’m not great with the rock bottom low points. The “what new H÷ll is this?” I often cope by going back to sleep. Then I feel like I don’t manage my time well. Somedays it’s not easy to be gentle or understanding with myself. Learning to forgive myself and accept the limits of my body is a struggle. It gets worse on days when there are those motivational types who miraculously climb mountains without arms or walk across a continent without legs… and here I am, struggling after a flight of steps on a summer day. Disappointing my family, again, because I can’t whatever. There’s a mental torture that comes with chronic diseases and such. Survival of the fittest isn’t you, and some days people feel that you need to know it. I don’t know how others fight those days, but for me, I rely on anger. B*tching is how I keep from running a blade from wrist to elbow. I’m sure the anger isn’t helpful. Then again, there’s a great line in Terminator 3, “Anger is more useful than grief.” And that’s literally the phrase I live by on those days, that’s what keeps me here. It’s been enough so far. That and going back to sleep. Not very healthy attitudes, I know, but it’s not like I live in some sort of free health care country, it’s not like I have hope for mercy or improvement. I have rage. And I can use a video game to blow up pixels. It’s a wonderful distraction. So I guess that’s my tip– get video games that allow your frustration to come out. Play on easy mode, get a win. Sometimes you really need a win, even in something that has no meaning, no world impact. Sometimes killing pixels has to be enough.

    1. First and foremost, thank you for sharing so openly and honestly! I know how difficult the daily struggles can be, and yes, some days just plain are horrible. There are days, that despite our best efforts, we barely scrape through to go back to sleep and wake up to do it all over again the next day. While this may feel like a defeat, we managed to survive and not self-destruct so it should count as a win! Naps are my best friend when I feel like you described, as I often wake up feeling better, or at the very least with a new outlook. Those same naps are often the sworn enemy of time management, as that often goes out the window on those days. I love the idea of ‘killing pixels’, as it is very true that mindless activities can reduce stress, or at the very least let one escape for a bit. Anger is a challenge I too face regularly. I’ve become better at controlling it despite what my wife and daughters might say. That being sad, I must admit I have days where my energy to deal with stuff is so incredibly low that I undoubtedly have a shorter fuse. For those days, I can’t apologize to my family and friends enough. Ever!

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