Reflections – #AtoZ Challenge 2018

This year included a new personal challenge that I set for myself to attempt to learn to curtail my posts. I was shooting for an average post length of somewhere between 500 to 750 words per post. While this often doesn’t sound like it may be enough to adequately address a particular topic I’ve found it is far to easy for me, personally, to ramble on in an attempt to give multiple viewpoints on the topic. Continue reading “Reflections – #AtoZ Challenge 2018”

You – #AtoZChallenge2018

While I’ve spent the majority of this month writing about things from the viewpoint of both a patient and a care provider I have decided to make this post focus on you as an individual and your responsibilities to yourself both as a patient and your own primary caregiver as they should be considered on in the same for if you don’t take care of yourself, or at least try to, how can anybody else help you? Continue reading “You – #AtoZChallenge2018”

eXpectations – #AtoZChallenge2018


The topic for today is our eXpectations for both ourselves and others. We must always remember, whether we are healthy or not, to set reasonable expectations for ourselves and those we may interact with during the course of our lives. While it may seem easy, there can be many challenges in the way of doing so. As mentioned in earlier posts, we are often harder on ourselves and expect more of ourselves than even our worst critic could ever express. It is for this reason that we must set reasonable expectations. We must also reevaluate them often to ensure that they are still reasonable given the current circumstances in our lives. Continue reading “eXpectations – #AtoZChallenge2018”

Why’s – #AtoZChallenge2018


The subject of today’s post is the questions we ask ourselves. I remember many years ago (don’t even ask how long ago!) learning the phrase “who, what, where, when, why,” and sometimes even adding how to the end of that. While that lesson was framed in the aspect of writing as a child in school, it can serve us well in this discussion as well. Regardless of whether one is a patient or a physician or other practitioner we can find ourselves wondering about the answers to these questions when interacting with the other. Continue reading “Why’s – #AtoZChallenge2018”

Value – #AtoZChallenge2018

The topic for today’s discussion is value. Not the kind of value one may think of in the terms of monetary value, but rather today we will touch on the surface of how we value ourselves as it pertains to both a patient and provider. First, I wish to address how we value ourselves from a patient perspective. It is not uncommon for a patient who has experienced a seemingly devastating illness or injury to feel that they are now less of a person or somehow less valuable than they were prior to the diagnosis. Continue reading “Value – #AtoZChallenge2018”

Understanding – #AtoZChallenge2018

\Understanding each other is a skill most if not many of us could use to spend a little more time practicing. It is far easier to make snap judgments and not give others the benefit of doubt or the energy required to attempt to put ourselves in the other person’s position, or shoes, as the old cliché goes. This applies to both life and healthcare equally. It also applies equally to both providers as well as patients in the healthcare setting. Continue reading “Understanding – #AtoZChallenge2018”

Time to Talk – #AtoZChallenge2018

Time is a finite thing when it comes to our lives regardless of whether we are healthy or ill. None of us know how long we will have on this planet before our time is up. This is a fact. Also a fact is that while many of us do not wish to talk about it we really need to be having the difficult discussions with our family about what we )and they) may desire should either become unable to make or communicate decisions regarding their medical care on their own. Continue reading “Time to Talk – #AtoZChallenge2018”

Stress – #AtoZChallenge2018

Stress is undoubtedly a part of all of our lives to some degree or another. It doesn’t discriminate between healthy or ill, and it also doesn’t discriminate between patient or provider. Each can experience their own kinds of stress. Regardless of your occupation, position in life, status or nearly any other quantifier you may wish to place on stress, you are not immune to it. Continue reading “Stress – #AtoZChallenge2018”

Responsibilities – #AtoZChallenge2018

The topic for today’s post is responsibilities and there are various aspects, which can pertain to this for both practitioners and patients alike. While many things are important I do believe that honesty and communication are either near or at the very top of the list, quite possibly accompanied by trust. Without trust, communication, and honestly there is little chance you will achieve what you set out to accomplish regardless what you may attempt to accomplish in life. While these should typically be implied let’s explore them a little bit to clarify precisely what I am referring to. Continue reading “Responsibilities – #AtoZChallenge2018”