#AtoZ Challenge 2018 – Theme

Posted by Tupeak_Hope on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Well, I’m running a bit behind but nevertheless, I am participating in the challenge this year. It will be my second year participating in the #AtoZChallenge and I am looking forward to it.

The theme for this year is a variant on the theme from last year. Last year my posts tended to focus on chronic health as an individual. This year my hope and goal is to focus more on managing life with a chronic illness. Some posts, however, will be more geared towards making you, the reader, stop to think about a particular topic from other points of views you may not have thought of before.

To those visiting from the #AtoZ Challenge thanks for participating in the challenge with me. For those who may come across this via Facebook or other sources a hearty welcome, and hope to see you again!

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