Quality of Life #AtoZChallenge

If you are chronically ill or care for someone who is ill, you’ve likely heard the term quality of life. Do you really know what this means? Have you discussed what you feel to be an acceptable quality of life with your medical team? Do you have a plan to ensure you can achieve your desired quality of life? What are some simple changes you can work towards to attempt to improve your quality of life?

Nutrition #AtoZChallenge

Nutrition     #AtoZChallenge Proper nutrition is necessary for proper health. This often becomes even more important to those of us with chronic health issues. It becomes even more problematic for those of us with a permanent disability which forces us to live on a fixed, and often small, income. I am neither a nutritionist nor […]

The Mask We Show Others #AtoZChallenge

Chronic illness often forces us to create a mask that we show to others. This mask allows us to hide behind it and not to reveal the true nature of how we feel on a given day. Why would we do this you ask? Well, let’s delve into that and see if we can shed some light on the topic, and the mask itself as well as what we may be hiding with it.

Loving Yourself #AtoZChallenge

Loving yourself     #AtoZChallenge As a general rule, loving yourself is a necessity of life. Not the egomaniacal form of loving yourself mind you. But the kind of love you hold for yourself regardless of your physical abilities or health. The kind of love that permits you to not be perfect, providing you are […]